Well-known in Qu├ębec for its variety of fresh and smoked sausages Are you envisioning a business of your own in the food industry, and being associated to an organization with a proven track record ? Our first objective at William J. Walter is to support you as a franchisee, while at the same time providing the latitude for your entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. Working together, we can accomplish this. You are committed to succeed in business and have what it takes ? We will be happy to team up with you.





We aim at being the best fresh and smoked sausage producer/retailer in Quebec, and to ensure that all clients who experience William J. Walter see their expectations exceeded, and this at every visit, through :

  • a superior quality product.
  • a clean and welcoming environment.
  • a personalized and enthusiastic approach to customer satisfaction


More than 60 types of sausages are being sold at our different locations, and all our products must pass a strict quality control. We offer a wide variety of products with an exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Our fresh sausages are free of nitrites, artificial coloring or preservatives. William J. Walter is constantly evolving and testing new flavours and combinations of meats and vegetables to satisfy its clients’ appetites.


The choice of your location is determined by its business potential and visibility. Whether at street level in a boutique or in a public market, we will counsel you in making a choice. The William J. Walter concept allows a flexibility which is unique in the franchise world, allowing you to personalize your business around the concept of a sausage retail shop.

A few examples that can complement the sausage offer in your boutique, for you to decide :

  • Microbrewery beer
  • Cheese
  • Fresh pasta and sauces
  • Herbs, oils and vinegars
  • Local and/or in-house specialties